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The owner, Francine Gaucher studied at the Institut de Technologie Agro-Alimentaire de St-Hyacinthe, garden and nursery production. She obtained her degree in 1990. She did an internship in France at the nursery André Briand seedlings, which specializes in propagation and production of pots 4 ". She has also worked for 7 years in the nursery at St Paul Abbotsford Abbotsford. Francine discovers she has a sense of entrepreneurship, to raise the taste of Challenges and passion for propagating shrubs.

So by force of circumstances that Gaucher Nursery began operations in 1996 with the acquisition of the current site in Brigham. His beginnings were humble with its 1000 square feet of greenhouse production. It now has 14,525 feet. greenhouses and 20,000 square feet. square area of foreign productions. The nursery product in its infancy cuttings of shrubs plugs as well as shrubs and perennials in 2 gallons. Since the propagation of plants is rapidly growing, it has now become the main activity of the company.

Specialization in multiplication can better serve a growing clientele.

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