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Plants for revegetation

Black Chuckberry Interesting by the autumn colors of its foliage and fruit very popular with birds. Product Details
Caragana arborescens Shrubs often used for hedges or trimmed free. Bears small yellow flowers followed by small clove. Product Details
Cornus stolonifera This plant suckers is used as soil stabilizer in addition to its attractiveness to birds. Product Details
Diervilla lonicera This beautiful Diervilla wearing bright yellow bell-shaped. Its dark green foliage turns reddish in the fall. Product Details
Ilex verticillata Fruit globose, bright red, persistent in winter. To get fruit, you need a male plant and female plant nearby. Quebec native plant and used in revegetation. Product Details
Myrica Gale This plant is native to Quebec interesting to smell it gives off. It can be used for revegetation or group. Flowering interesting shaped kitten dioecious. Product Details
Parthenocissus quinq, Engelmanii Creeper that clings to walls easily. Glossy dark green foliage, beautiful red hues in autumn. Product Details
Parthenocissus quinquefolia This native plant is used to cover a wall and sometimes as a cover sol. Flower in summer. Product Details
Physocarpus opulifolius Native plant in Quebec. Widely used in revegetation. Ninebark flowering white. Product Details
Physocarpus Dart’s Gold Interesting shrub for its foliage contrasting deep yellow turning red in autumn. Product Details
Potentille fruticosa Ferreri Interesting shrub flowering yellow sustained until the first frosts of autumn. Product Details
Potentille fruticosa Jackmanii Beautiful cinquefoil with large yellow flowers that last until frost. Product Details
Potentille fruticosa Mont Everest Flowering habit, large white flowers in summer. Product Details
Rhus aromatica Rustic, native to Quebec, tolerant to urban conditions; outstanding fall foliage. Product Details
Rhus typhina Conical shrub fruit, red in autumn. Green foliage in summer, turning shiny red, yellow or orange in autumn. Suitable for large spaces because of its invasiveness. Product Details
Ribes alpinum Smithii This variety is prized for its dense foliage and yellow flowers in spring. Ideal for hedges low to medium. Product Details
Salix bebbiana Plant used for naturalization, the groups in damp places and open spaces, a plant that adapts easily. Product Details
Salix caprea Early spring flowers before the leaves grayish giving a charming effect. Fragrant flowers form catkins. Product Details
Salix chaenomeloides Beautiful bright red flower buds and large quantity of silver pink catkins in April. Product Details
Salix discolor Big buissonnant.Croissance vigorous shrub. Product Details

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