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Berberis thunbergii Aurea Nana Berberis This is magnificent for its bright yellow foliage colors very bright and compact form. Its foliage turns red in fall. Product Details
Berberis thunbergii Ruby Caroussel Berberis This is interesting for its dark red foliage persisting throughout the season. Product Details
Caragana arborescens Shrubs often used for hedges or trimmed free. Bears small yellow flowers followed by small clove. Product Details
Chaenomeles Japonica This quince offers cheeks greenish yellow (quince) that are edible sauce and jelly. Product Details
Chaenomeles sup. Crimson & Gold This quince is interesting for its dark red flowers and large yellow fruit used to produce jam and jelly. Product Details
Cotoneaster dammeri Coral Beauty This lovely shrub ground cover is covered with white flowers in spring are followed by red berries in late summer. Her beautiful green foliage is evergreen and glossy. Product Details
Elaeagnus commutata Shrub with yellow flowers, very fragrant. Adapts to poor soils and dry resistant to heat. Product Details
Hyppophea rhamnoides Leikora (femelle) Leikora is a German variety with large fruit. Thorny plant. We must associate with a male plant for fruiting. Product Details
Hyppophea rhamnoides Pollmix ( mâle ) Plant used most often as pollonisateur sea buckthorn orchards. Thorny variety. Product Details
Potentille fruticosa Abbotswood Abundant white flowers throughout the season. Product Details
Prunus X Cistena Plant used for its red foliage and contrasting his pale pink flowers in May. Product Details
Rhus aromatica Rustic, native to Quebec, tolerant to urban conditions; outstanding fall foliage. Product Details
Rhus typhina Conical shrub fruit, red in autumn. Green foliage in summer, turning shiny red, yellow or orange in autumn. Suitable for large spaces because of its invasiveness. Product Details
Rosa rugosa Shrub with fragrant flowers, and which requires very little maintenance, flowering from June to September. Product Details
Salix bebbiana Plant used for naturalization, the groups in damp places and open spaces, a plant that adapts easily. Product Details
Salix discolor Big buissonnant.Croissance vigorous shrub. Product Details
Salix ériocephala Excellent shrub planting around water. Product Details
Salix petiolaris Flowering shaped catkins, yellow-brown in the spring before the leaves. Youg leaves green, long, silky, soon becoming hairless. Product Details
Salix purpurea nana Used in low hedges or isolated, interesting for its form and foliage. Used in edge of rivers but also in dry areas. Product Details
Spirea japonica Fire Light Spirea whose shoots are orange-red. Fire red foliage in fall and bloom dark pink from June to August. Product Details

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