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Syringa (Lilac)

The lilac is a shrub of the family Oleaceae. They cultivated for its beautiful fragrant flowers whose color varies among species and varieties. The plant is native of East.

Syringa X Prestonia Isabella Interesting for its flowering simple lilac pink in summer. Slightly fragrant. Product Details
Syringa Meyeri Palibin Very fragrant flowers in small subcutaneous lilac in early summer. It is interesting to dwarf its size not exceeding 1.5 meters. It can therefore be included in a rockery. Product Details
Syringa Patula Miss Kim Beautiful lilac flowers, fragrant panicles in mid spring. Beautiful glossy green foliage turning purple in fall. Ideal for small gardens. Product Details
Syringa vulgaris Shrub with interesting flowers lilac color and very fragrant. One of the most popular of which was created from a multitude of cultivars. Product Details
Syringa X Prestonia Donald Wyman Large lavender flowers becoming purplish crimson early June Prestonia Donald Wyman lilac has a late flowering compared to other lilacs. Product Details
Syringa X Prestonia James Mc Farlane Single flowers in loose panicles, first dark pink when in bud and pink in June and July. Flowering begins a few weeks after the common lilac, slightly fragrant. Product Details
Syringa X Prestonia Miss Canada Lilac flower pink, simple few weeks after the common lilac. It is unquestionably one of the finest varieties. Product Details
Syringa X Prestonia Royalty Buttons dark pink flowers followed thereafter. Long panicles dense few weeks after the common lilac. Product Details

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