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Hydrangea (Hydrangea)

The Hydrangeas are shrubs belonging to the family Hydrangeaceae. They are from China and are often named Hortensia. These shrubs are valued for their large flowers or globular-shaped panicle. They generally flowering been at the beginning of summer at begennning of winter in shades of blue, pink or white.

Hydrangea arb. Annabelle This variety is one of the most popular across the world with its large white flowers in the shape of balls. It blooms from summer to late autumn. Product Details
Hydrangea pan. Burgundy Lace Shrub panniculus turn white to pink and also wears shades of purple and violet end of the season giving a nice pace. Product Details
Hydrangea pan. Grandiflora Interesting for its late flowering in large panniculus. First they turn white to pink and then bronze in autumn. It actually dried flowers. Product Details
Hydrangea pan. Kyushu Popular for its long white cream panniculus. They occur in abundance in August and persist until frost. Male flowers and female flowers on the same panniculus giving an appearance of lace. Product Details
Hydrangea pan. Pink Diamond Large shrub with beautiful white panniculus in July and August, which turn pink later. Product Details
Hydrangea pan. Unique Shrub flowering in long and wide white becoming pink blubber to flourish. Flowering in August until frost. Product Details

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